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Membership Details:

All purchasers will receive the regular benefits of membership as described below.

1.   Each membership includes two (2) tickets to any upcoming PGTW produced event (excludes co-produced events such as upcoming GOT7) with an equivalent seating tier of approx. value $160-200 each .  Email for more details.

2. Free Admission To TKC18 or VKC18 and all future Kpop Con events.   Full 2-days admission with early check-in to Kpop Con 2018 (MAY 19-20, 2018) and all future Kpop Cons in Canada produced by PGTW. Weekend pass estimated value will be $80 or more. Admission does not include special shows/fan meetings/concerts (tickets sold separately).

3. Ticket Sales Early access to presale for any PGTW event  (excludes co-produced events such as upcoming GOT7) and all Kpop Con 2018 special events. Members get First choice seating, tickets to our events will be offered to VIP membership holders prior to release to the general public. Members can purchase only one discounted member ticket per show. A total of 4 tickets can only be bought under one membership for general events on presale.

4. Priority Access Priority lanes and first access for ticket holders with membership, before the general public  (excludes co-produced events such as upcoming GOT7). Pay a discounted advance or ‘door price’ at any PGTW produced event (Kpop Club Nights, festivals, concerts etc. excludes co-produced events such as upcoming GOT7))


  • All membership cards will be mailed directly to you (please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery).
  • Free tickets for shows are subject to availability and cutoff dates.
  • For new members, membership will be effective from date of purchase with no expiry date.
  • Memberships are non-transferable.
  • Membership requires proof of ID at registration and membership card or card number.
  • All payments will be done through Credit Card.
  • Membership is non-refundable.
  • All prices listed are in Canadian dollars unless stated.
  • Membership will be registered on a per name basis and can be purchased worldwide and will be numbered according to date purchased.

Benefits Combo & package deals exclusive to membership.
 10% off any order over $15 at Cafe Bene, 5519 Yonge St. 
– 10% off any food order over $15 at Bi Bim Bap, 950 Eglinton Ave. W. 
– 10% off at FERI Designer lines (Posh, Feri, Feri Mosh collections)
– BiBimBox Korea
* 15% off a purchase of 2 or more items (not including Boxes. Code can be used continuously up to one year
* 10% off Gold Box (K-Pop Box). (Code can be used up to 3 times per year)
* 15% off Gold Box (K-Pop Box) when 2 friends purchase Gold Box.
*Email for details.
All codes sent via email to all members.

More retailer benefits to be announced, updates will be sent regularly via email.
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